LED lighting solutions & the latest LED Products for your home and business

Why change to LED lighting Malta?

Who are we?


The company DHALIA PLUS through www.led.dhaliaplus.com offers a wide range of LED products for use at home, office and commercial spaces at the best prices on branded products.

The list of products is continuously increasing. We guarantee the best prices in the market aiming for optimal quality solution in conjunction with the financial requirements of each customer.

Where we are?

Our company consists of professionals  who install and sell products to individuals & Companies in Malta, The Balkan Countries such as: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania

Our largest warehouse is in Greece and in Bulgaria.

Our Products:
Available products for home and professional use in the following categories: Bulbs LED, Spot Lights LED, strips LED, floodlights LED, high bay industrial LED, power supplies and accessories for LED, ceiling lights LED.

What do we offer?

The main thing we can offer is the energy savings to the customer and the active contribution of human factors in the environment.

  • Wide range of products.
  • Professional attitude towards the customer and a commitment of responsibility (not only during the purchase and after the sale)

For any question please contact us through:

Even if you are looking for a product which you can not find it, send to us all the information that you have of the product and we will do our best to find you solution.


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